Oslo Motion (1/3)

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Very special post today ! We're proud to share with you a live mix of the norvegian disco king, Prins Thomas. The man is not what we called a newbie... His album with Lindstrom on Eskimo was the launch of a great series of remixes and the start of two very recommended labels : Full Pupp and Internasjonal.
Here comes the first of the third parts, stay tuned for the rest of his mix...

Prins Thomas - Live mix in Annecy (03/07/08)


The Disco Devil is back


Disco Devil is already responsible for two very hot 12" that you have to buy immediately if you're enough lucky to find them... The man is behind the Rubber Room moniker. They made a remix of Antena on the excellent label Permanent Vacation. The devil is gonna release some new edits for the Mindless Boogie serie and a mix for the N°1 radio in the whole universe, Beats in Space. That's what I call a nice program... Two re-edits for your pleasure.

Disco Devil - You're So Cute Jack

Disco Devil - I Hate The Job


The infamous Carbon Cream


Another mix from a parisian today. Carbon Cream is a vinyl freak for years and had collected a lot of wax... Here he delivers us a weirdo dark disco mix with some re-edits by his own. Try it now !

1 - Queen - The dancer

2 - White Light Circus - The shot

3 - J Disco - Loves Entry (J-Disco's Unstoppable Mix)

4 - Yellow Power - Hai samurai (Pilooski edit)

5 - Edwin Starr - Get up (Pilooski Edit)

6 - Henri Mancini & ... - Untilted

7 - LTJ Xperience - No Rhyme No Reason

8 - Peter Brown - Dance with me (C. Cr. edit)

9 - Alexander Dark Band - The immortal squirrel

10 - Chicken Lips - Aim fire (XDC)

11 - Skuts' n' String & 909 - Go Back in Time (C. Cr. P.Pass Mix)

12 - Aphrodite's Child - The System

13 - Franky Valli - Beggin' (Pilooski Edit)


Brazil undergound for your pleasure


I'm back in Brazil ! No electronic stuff this time but a real good discover : Hurtmold. Mestro, their fourth output has been released in Europe this week by the excellent french label Nacopajaz already responsible for the albums of Fedaden and Del Wire. You have to buy this album cause it's superb, nothing to say more ! It sounds a bit if Cinematic Orchestra make an instrumental jam with Sonic Youth in the Tortoise studio. Hurtmold is definitively on top of the new brazilian underground. Nacopajaz is gonna release a compilation with other great brazilian stuff very soon so watch out and support them.

Hurtmold - Miniotario

Visit the Nacopajaz web site here.



Kelpe aka Kel Mckeown, an english musician who plays either electro or pop, or both at the same time. His first steps were made in his youth with friends playing in fakes rap groups.
Nowadays, Kelpe works with sample like ping pong ball,break hip hop ,cow bells,different kinds of music, himself at the drums, a lot of invited musicians too.
Kelpe's music is a lot inspired by old machines,oscillator and vintage synthesizer.The result is an instable, touching, mostly happy music.
In one word: alive.
With his second album (Ex-Aquarium) signed at DC RECORDINGS he confirms our hopes and impose himself as the dignified heir of a generation of adventurous electronica producers, humble enought to stay approachable.

EXTRACT : Colours Dont Leak Part 1