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Do you remember this Radioslave's track, Neverending ? So this one is (in a sense) like this except the fact that is a swiss private press of a one man band trying to do hip hop in 1983 ! This is the ten minutes long b-side without lyrics. It was recorded in Geneva but I don't have more infos... Really freaky slow mo electronic funk with FX. (Sorry but the bad quality of the mp3 but the track was too long for my free account) --(To download the file, press the button with the "share" button)--


Synth not synth

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I'm totally obsessed with this track since I found the LP in a second hand flea market. This is perfection : vocals, lyrics, simple but efficient arrangements, melody. You can find another interesting song on this LP : Simili USA on the A side. It's more "disco" oriented but always with this "boy scout around the fire at the camp" feeling. Know what I mean ?


Rock the casbah

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Supa funky track today by Carte de Sejour, a band led by the singer french singer Rachid Taha. If you love Mustapha dance by The Clash and that kind of tracks, you won't be disappointed... (- To download, just press the share button with the arrow -)


The return of the bimbo

Fresh delivery ! Home recording with some pieces of wax as usual. No tracklisting, hunt the records.


Etienne Perruchon - Generiques

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Etienne Perruchon is a french composer who works for the movie industry. This is his first record : a private press (circa 1984) to illustrate the work of a painter named François Sylvand. The tools are not so numerous : DX 7, Fender Rhodes, TR 808 and Casiotone 403. Expect electronic lullabies and some minimalistic synths. Despite the fact that is not so rare, it's quite under the radar...

Etienne Perruchon - Generiques


Isabelle, Serge & David

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Fantastic track by the famous french actress produced by Serge Gainsbourg. Nice lyrics, skanking guitar and this "seem to be pitched down" rhythm. This is the original but Ivan Smagghe did a dope edit of this on his self-released A few things from Ivan Smagghe compilation. (Press the "share button" to download the track)



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Cool b-side in this cheap record. I love this bass soooooooooo much... Just in case you didn't noticed it, you can download the track with the "share" button. Enjoy