Isabelle, Serge & David

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Fantastic track by the famous french actress produced by Serge Gainsbourg. Nice lyrics, skanking guitar and this "seem to be pitched down" rhythm. This is the original but Ivan Smagghe did a dope edit of this on his self-released A few things from Ivan Smagghe compilation. (Press the "share button" to download the track)



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Cool b-side in this cheap record. I love this bass soooooooooo much... Just in case you didn't noticed it, you can download the track with the "share" button. Enjoy


Minimal Compact

Very interesting documentary about the history of the band told by the members and their manager. Plenty of rare live footage. Must see.


Elaste vol.4

A new chapter in the Elaste serie is always a good news. I must admit Compost is not a label I follow but Dompteur Mooner has always interesting selections. Ok, some of you gonna tell me that Cybotron, Barbara Norris or Gino Soccio are not really great discoveries but most of the tracklist is bomb-esque. I picked this one cause it's maybe the more obscure (the track was never released and Greg Wilson exhumed the masters some time ago) and in the same time one of the more catchy.


Killed by deathrock : a Sacred Bones compilation

If you're in these minimal synth wave / post punk sounds from the 80's I strongly suggest you take a look at this compilation. I'm really not into the usual stuff from Sacred Bones but, the boss, Caleb Braaten is a obsessive record collectors and picked some of his more rarest cuts to build this selection. No need to check, you won't find these records anywhere ! Buy the comp, say thanks and enjoy. Oh... this is the volume one so I presume a following will come some day...



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The Emotional family is for me one of the most exciting sound providers of now. The represses of old obscure records are always interesting, the collab with Headman's Relish brings the finest associations (Daniel Avery, Douglas McCarthy or Robi Insinna himself) and the Especial part sees releases by Baris K, Richard Sen or Scott Fraser. Dig a little bit more and find more by Timothy J. Fairplay, Luke Wyatt, Black Deer or Music Cargo. All these Weatherall pupils are getting me crazy. Yes Sir, I assume my british side. Here's the first clip of the half of Cage & Aviary that will bring you in Madchester psychedelia.



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Here is my selection (call it a best of if you want, but it's really personal) of the four cd compilation released in order to fit the documentary about all this (mad) belgian scene.

A true masterpiece of techno from 1990 (!!!). It sounds as fresh as on first day. Who can claim it so now ? We'll see in 20 years.

When a band from Belgium decides to cover the Residents' best song you can't resist.

Please report to the Joey Beltram's comment above.

Excuse me ? You said L.I.E.S (good label by the way) is the "so futuristic" fashion label of the year ? Hum.... I don't think so.

Cause everybody need to jack sometimes...