Les granges brulées


Les granges brulées is an old french movie directed by Jean Chapot in 1973. The principal protagonists are Simone Signoret with Alain Delon and that is a big deal... I didn't had the chance to see the movie but I'd like to share two songs of the score produced by Jean-Michel Jarre. The tracks come from the cd cause the only time I saw the LP, it was VERY expensive... Jean-Michel Jarre realised this stuff before doing his famous Oxygene, it's a kind of pre-electronica full of tension with short tracks. The two tracks you have here are the last but probably the strongest of the score. Enjoy !

La chanson des granges brulées

Le pays de Rose


Electric Spanking goes to Detroit


I already told you that this blog wasn't just disco oriented but open to all good sounds... Today I'd like to present you a french dj and producer that rocks : Kriss Kortz aka Life Recorder. His skills on the mix are excellent as you could hear in his mix and he loves "Detroitish" sounds that make you fly over the dancefloor... But the man is a very good producer too. I suggest you take a look on the label he runs with Maxx-T, Code 316 and Night Vision Records too where he released some tracks. Enjoy the mix, send him feedback, he'll enjoy.

Kriss Kortz - Mix may 2008

1 - Redshape - Cashmere

2 - Infinity - Game One (Steve Rachmad remix)

3 - Cobblestone Jazz - Peace offering

4 - Rejected - Let's go juno -

5 - Gary Martin - Pimping people in high places

6 - Aardvarck - Cult copy (2000 and One remix)

7 - Don Williams - Detroit red

8 - Deepchord - Electromagnetic dowsing (Mike Huckaby remix)

9 - Baby Ford + Eon - Dead eye

10 - Arnaud le texier - Wild quiche (Shinedoe remix)

11 - Fabrice Lig - The track

12 - Galaxy 2 galaxy - Jupiter jazz

13 - Life Recorder - Rising (Orlando Voorn remix)

14 - Sebastien San - Rising sun (C2 edit)

15 - Fingers inc - I'm strong (Instrumental)

16 - Shamus Coghlan - 5000 Miles


C in China for the Olympic Games


A cool B side today. I found this record in a crappy second hand and immediately thought that the b side could be nice...

Confetti's - C in China (12" instrumental version)