Secret Weapons


Dj History strikes again and again : compilations, interviews of many musical legends, podcasts a gogo, books etc. Their latest release is a strong CD/LP with a fistful of amazing tracks. This one is maybe the more "physical" but it works great...

NUBIAN MINDZ - 909 Samba (Secret Weapons) by Bill Brewster




Innovative. No compromises. Constant. Ghostly International and its sub-labels are all of this since the beginning. To get in touch with the nerdy part of their public their did an iphone app (free) to discover the catalog selecting sounds by differents ways.

They also released few weeks ago the third LP of Matthew Dear and as usual it's great. I love his voice and the treatment. Don't expect "dancefloor made for LP" here... A black diamond. Full of haunted vocals and tricky beats. The album comes in all usual formats and in a limited totem (!?) of 100 pieces.