I met Marcello in an obscure after party in Bangkok few months ago. As I'm a Bimbo, I told him : "I loooooove your stuff, you're so cute, would you make me a mix ?". Italians guys are gentlemen as you know so he did a mix... Thanks Marcello, you're the man ! I've heard you'll play in Djibouti next week, maybe we'll met again...

Marcello Giordani - Deeptroit

1 - Convextion - Untitled

2 - Robert Hood - Nightime World

3 - Dopplereffekt - Rocket scientists

4 - Octave One - I believe (Magic Juan mix)

5 - Metro Area - Detroit (Carl Craig remix 1)

6 - Christian Sol - Default (of Norway version)

7 - Bobby Konders - Massai women

8 - Octave One - Paradise (Ocitvation E.P.)

9 - Blake Baxter - When we used to play (Unreleased mix)

10 - Revelation - Synth-it (Domination dub)

11 - Scan X Wasteland - Prototype li dr finn and dr ot

12 - Fingers Inc. - Bye bye

13 - Aril Brikha - Setting sun

Marcello runs an excellent blog that you should follow, especially if you're an italo freak... -> Italo Deviance


Something for your mind


I'm very proud today to post this track of Ductile. First he's a totally anonymous til now and second he's very talented as you'll judge with this 9 minutes of pure mental madness ! This release is provided by Groom Rec.. They have one vinyl release and one digital but there is more to come with Gabardine. This guy produce a dry minimal sound that could rock on a big big sound system...
The boys from Groom are really cool and open minded so it's a pleasure to put the light on their work. Support them ! Buy this 12" or download the digital file, pure hypnotic sound, dark and wet sounds as I like in a big room.

Ductile - A niche (edit)