I really do believe in you...

...so let's see if you believe in me !


Don't follow me please !


Ollie from Acocks Kitten Cult's delivers a stunning mix today. If you don't dance on it, you're probably already dead !

1 - Venus Gang & Plastic Bertrand - Love To Fly (Cloud)

2 - DJ Harvey - Blue Love (Blackcock)

3 - Touch Sensitive - Body Stop (Tinted)

4 - Babytalk - Chance (Hercules & Love Affair Mix) (Stickydisc)

5 - Logic System - Clash (EMI)

6 - Bonar Bradberry - Beat The Bed (Beatdown Mix) (Red Music)

7 - Peter Visti - Real Woman (Eskimo)

8 - Sally Shapiro - Ill Be By Your Side (Tensnake Rmx)(Diskokaine)

9 - Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again (Nicky Siano & Arthur Russell Mix)(Sire Records)

10 - Neon - Skydiver (Fuschia International)

11 - Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Mix)(Megafunk Records)

12 - Lindbaek & Lindstrom - Alien In My Pocket (Modal Music)

13 - D-R-U-M - Lalabye (Acocks Kitten Cult Re-Edit)(Kittylick)

14 - Rubberroom - Take Me (Indus)


The man from Denmark


Peter Visti is a danish daddy, a very good producer and a dj too. If you follow the Eskimo releases, you already know him cause he did three 12" for them and also appeared on the Mindless Boogie edits. I specialy recommend his edit of Dolly Parton, the country hit, Jolene. This mix is a bit more dancefloor oriented than the another ones he did but keeps a balearic flavor, hummmmmmmmmm.... No tracklist sorry but if you recognised some tracks feel free to post a comment.

Nite club mix


Bullet proof I wish I were

Here's the first short movie of my friend Brice de la Corte. Send him some feedbacks (he's on facebook) or leave a comment...


Welcome to the library


DjHistory.com is a great web resource with many infos, interviews of big disco names and downloads. They decide few times ago to put the lights on Tele Music, a very underground library music label. So apart from some wily collectors no-one ever played these tracks for a dancefloor. The musicians graced some of France’s biggest disco hits, but recording for Tele Music was their chance to really cut loose, including the legendary (and preposterously collectible) album by Arpadys. The men behind Dj History found this and decided to ask some people to work on these sounds. The casting or remixers is just wonderful : Mudd, Faze Action, Toby Tobias, Idjut Boys, Unabombers, Ray Mang and more... Yo can already purchase the digital release in their shop or wait for the vinyl in january.
To tease you a lil' bit, here is the Faze Action's remix, a great disco tool for every dj that make it funky...

Tele Music - Disco Free (Faze Action Edit)


Two young lads


I received this mix some days ago from two guys in Leuven, Belgium : Peter & Adriaan (yes Adriaan with two "a" !). Fine selection between news and classics, open to various styles, exactly what I love !

Peter & Adriaan - November 2008 promo mix

1 - LSB - Locomotion

2 - Bostro Pesopeo - Falls (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)

3 - Mr. Fingers - Waterfalls

4 - Yazoo - Situation (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)

5 - Inner City - Big Fun

6 - Walter Jones - A.I.P. (XLN's Maison Vumbi Edit)

7 - Ferenc - Zambomba

8 - Runaway - Brooklyn Club Jam

9 - Plastique De Rêve - Lost In The City

10 - The Sweat Boyz - Do You Want To Perculate?

11 - The Juan Maclean - The Simple Life (Marcus Worgull Remix)

12 - Solomun - Don't Cry

13 - Sascha Funke - Mango (Tobias Thomas & Superpitcher's Como Mango Version)

14) Directions - Busted Trees (Carl Craig 'Sessions' Remix)

Attention cherie


Ashley Beedle is back and re-launched his famous label Out Hear Audio. The men needs no presentation I think : many 12" under many names (Black Science Orchestra, X-Press 2, Ballistic Brothers etc.), an incredible number of remixes (think Heavy Disco...), cool compilations etc. So the rebirth of his label is a good news and comes at the same time his works under the Black Science Orchestra are reedited. I was quite surprised when I receive the sound cause the first piece of wax is a track by April March. You probably know her cause Quention Tarantino took one of her (beautiful) songs for Deathproof. The lady recorded some beautiful pop Lp's for the french label run by Bertrand Burgalat, Tricatel. The 12" inch to come contains a Heavy disco mix by the boss and two different mixes by The Unabombers. Good job guys ! Long live Out Hear Audio !

April March - Attention cherie (The Unabombers dub vox)


Smoke gets in your eyes...


Down the Bush Records is a young french label that you should follow. Their third release by U-Man came with a remix by Makossa & Megablast which was a dancefloor burner played by Peter Kruder, Laurent Garnier or Osunlade (and me too but you probably don't give a fuck !). We're here for their fourth piece of wax by a totally unknown (for me) guy called Karl Dread. Africa meets Jamaica with a broken beat groove that will make shake your ass...

Karl Dread - Cut dem all


Lost in translation

Here's a very good video using images from Lost in translation (my favourite movie ever) with Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine for the soundtrack. Pure class !


Brain ! Brain ! Brain ! Brain !


Here is a cover of Warm leatherette (sung originaly by The Normal and covered by Grace Jones too) by Zombie Zombie on their very first EP, before they signed on Versatile. So, of course this EP is quite rare now...

Zombie Zombie - Warm leatherette




It was a long time since I've post a mix, so I'm quite proud to make this post to celebrate the second 12" of Clara Moto on InFiné. The first one was already very good but the new one is great ! The big side remembers me the work of Herbert and Dani Siciliano on Around the house (that keeps one of the best house album of all time for me) : cool and funky vocal house, quite pop but not cheesy, huuuuuuuummmmmmm, delicious ! The b side contains two beautiful minimal tracks. The first one is quite trippy besides the second is perfect to begin a set. InFiné is definitively a label to watch with releases by Danton Eeprom or Apparat and also developping new artists who are very talented like Cubenx, Fraction or Rone. According to me we have here a future big french label on the tracks of Versatile.
A limited lp called "Auricle bio on" is out now with a big collab : Francesco Tristano and Maurizio ! It's a long track (on cd, two big sides on vinyles of course...) of 50 minutes in a kind a dub techno mixtures for fans of Basic Channel. Don't sleep cause the two first 12" of Tristano are really hot with remixes of Kiki, Apparat, Balil and above all Carl Craig the Detroit don ! Nothing to tell about Maurizio, the man needs no introduction ! So the buzz is going on... first come, first served.
To finish, just have to say that the next release will be a EP by The Hacker called Mumu.
Enjoy the mix, it's quite different from what we usually post but we're open minded people and love a wide range of sound.

Clara Moto - Sancy mix

Gas - Zaubeberg 2 (Kompakt)

Maetrik - Sex With Bass (Instrumental mix) (Mothership)

Junior Boys - No kinda man (Chloe Remix) (Get Physical)

Clara Moto - Sancy Cat (Infiné)

Los Updates - 4 Wheel drive (Ricardo Villalobos remix) (Cadenza)

DJ Koze - I want to sleep (IRR)

Agaric - Come Below (Mikael Stavostrand second try mix) (Sunset Diskos)

Tigerskin - Peter's Secret Weapon (Dirt Crew)

Lusine - The Stop (Robag Whrume Remix) (Ghostly International)

Delete - Tags (Frankie Records)

Danton Eeprom - The Infinity Symbol (Tsuba)


Watch out !

Three records to come out you have to check :

1) The Rapture - Tapes


A mix by the new yorkers on Studio K7!.

Here is the playlist :

1. The Undisputed Truth - Earthquake Shake
2. Ghostface Killah - Daytona 500
3. Junkyard Band - The Word
4. The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost
5. Vaughan Mason & Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
6. Northend - Tee´s Happy
7. Don Armando's Second Avenue Rumba Band - I´m An Indian Too
8. Martin Circus - Disco Circus
9. Arcade Lover - Fantasy Lines
10. Thomas Bangalter - Club Soda
11. Kiloo & Phonique - The Passion (Phonique Mix Down)
12. Armand van Helden - Flowerz
13. Cajmere feat Dajae - Say U Will
14. Syclops - Where´s Jason´s K
15. Dj Mujava - Township Funk
16. Donk Boys - Cpstyre
17. Dances with the Girls - Everybody´s Got To Make A Living
18. Alter Ego - Why Not ?!
19. Paul Johnson - Get Get Down (Extended Mix)
20. Kid Creme - Austin´s Groove
21. Richie Havens - Going Back To My Roots
22. Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Afro Arps And Minimoogs (S2)

2) Windsurf - Coastlines


The first cd release on the excellent label run by Prins Thomas, Internasjonal. Windsurf are Hatchback (his LP on Lo recordings is beautiful) and Sorcerer, two great producers, so I can't wait to hear them together...

1. Moonlight sun
2. Light as daylight
3. Pocket check
4. Windsurf
5. Cracking the cube
6. White Soweto
7. Future warriors
8. Bird of paradise
9. The big island
10. Crystal neon

3) A Certain Ratio - A mind made up


Ten years after their last records, they're back ! Pure punk funk sound for Liquid Liquid, ESG or Pylon fans. No playlist sorry, but I've heard about remixes by Fila Brazilia and Headman...


Mad on the Moon


Watch out boys and girls ! A new label called
Mad on the Moon Recordings is launched. The two first released are already planed : the first is a collab between the most crazy italian guy we know, Simone Fedi and The Love Supreme who is well known for his 12" on Tirk Recordings. The guys join their forces to rework a track by Tangerine Dream, Tangram Set #1. Just go to listen the Simone Fedi's mix and you gonna believe me when I say he's crazy...
The second one is spaced out track from The Love Supreme, with a special remix from Fratelli Riviera that you should know for their releases on Bear Funk. No sound for now but they share three edits with us to wait...

Rational Youth - Le Meilleur Des Mondes (Love Supreme edit)

Clive Stevens & Brainchild - Mystery Man (Love Supreme edit)

Hawkwind - Time Centre (Love Supreme edit)


3 is the magic number


I'm a bit lazy today so not much blah blah blah, just three cool edits...

Ace Frehley - New York Groove (Sir Billy screamo re-edit)

Main Stem - Ray's llama

Nassau - Errol Flynn (long mix)

Pure sugar

We still have trouble with the Divshare account so I decided to post a fresh video and some news.

A fantastic album of psychedelic folky caribean tunes by this man is gonna be re-released soon so watch out...

Two of my favourites french producers are on the way to come up with fresh stuff. First Danton Eeprom made a remix of Texas rangers by Zombie Zombie that gonna hit the shelves soon and provided by Versatile. The 12" is named Dog walker. This tune (you can't find it anywhere else) is not on the LP and you could find three different versions and the Danton's remix.

1 - Dog walker
2 - Dog walker (Drums and vocal version)
3 - Texas rangers (Danton Eeprom remix)
4 - Dog walker (Vocal mix)

To keep the business in the family, the second man I'd like to talk about is Joakim. It's no news that he's a really great producer for years now. So he decide to make a compilation of his greatest remixes... I'm happy cause he puts in it the remix he did for Lionel Hampton and his "rock-it-esque" tune, Vibromatic, which is one of my fav' for years. Of course you could find it on Tigersushi. Here is the tracklisting :

1 - Annie "It's too late" (Joakim remix)
2 - The Chap "Ethnic instrument" (Joakim remix)
3 - Dj Medhi "Pocket piano" (Joakim "Piano debout" remix)
4 - Zombie Zombie "Driving this road until death sets you free" (Joakim remix)
5 - Tiga "Pleasure form the bass" (Joakim remix)
6 - Late of Pier "The bears are coming" (Joakim remix)
7 - Clashing Egos "Aming neberre" (Joakim remix)
8 - Alter Ego "Why not" (Joakim remix)
9 - Cut copy "Heart on fire" (Joakim remix)
10 - Lionel Hampton "Vibromatic" (Joakim "Vibromatic" remix)
11 - Antenna "Camino del sol" (Joakim remix)
12 - Max Berlin "Elle et moi" (Joakim remix)

Check also a new 12" on Tigersushi : Desmond & the Tutus "Kiss you on the cheek" with a great remix by King of Town that could grab on the 2:4 hours blog.



Sorry for the divshare account : it doesn't work anymore cause we have reach the download limit (which is a good thing in fact !).
No time to fix it in the next days cause we are quite busy organizing the venue of Pilooksi for the first Electric-Spanking party but I promis to check it next week. Apologizes... And for those who are near from Annecy, come and join us. If you are on facebook, just search for Pilooski and you'll find the event, if not just send us a mail.


La Concha


I'm a huge Eskimo fan and I've bought a lot of their releases already knowing most of the artists but Dr Beat from San Sebastian was a perfect unknown when I picked his 12" in Barcelona few months ago. In fact Mediterraneo was a re-release with an extra mix of from Sunshine Jones from Dubtribe Soundsystem : beautiful balearic tune with spanish guitar. Jaime is a nice guy, very passionate with music for years and years, producing but djing too so I asked him if he would give us some sounds, here there are !

Dr Beat from San Sebastian - Cosmicar

Dr Beat from San Sebastian - Leo's shake


Live and direct !

Check this awesome video ! Boz Scaggs was the singer of the Steve Miller Band and he's a great performer as you'll see here. There is a surprise in the middle, don't quit before it ends please...

ps : thx to Dr Phunkenstein for made me discover this : you're the man !


Fear of the dark


Back after a wild week end... Clarence made me request on Myspace so I went to his page and listened to his tracks. I loved them immediately so I proposed him to post one. The man prefers to stay in the shadow of his moniker so you just have to know that he's a french guy who lives in the north of the country. But in fact, we really don't care of all this, the principal thing is the sound he produces ! This one is a mid-tempo that could have been on the Italians Do It Better's compilation...

Clarence - Lights out


Belzebu tales


We're back in Italia with Simone Fedi, one the last guy that released two fantastic 12" on Eskimo : five originals tracks and a great remix by Out of City that is one of my fav these times (and it's in the mix above...). The track called Yeah ! is for you if you like Depht Charge : a pure moment of madness. Simone is definitively a man to watch in 2008. He gonna release a track on the Death before distemper vol.02 compilation on D.C. Recordings under the moniker of Astral Manhole Project and another 12" on the label of our friends Pizzico Records. Check the mix he offers us today : if he's a good producer, he knows how to do the job with two turntables two...

Simone Fedi mix

1. Randaberg Ego Ensemble - Vestamarn

2. Nick Chacona - Being There

3. Simone Fedi - Sub-Space (Out of City remix)

4. Love Supreme - The Polly Variation

5. Allez Allez - Allez Allez (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)

6. Yam Who? - Wanna Make Luv 2 Ya

7. Sugar Daddy - Stripped To The Bone

8. Ralph und Beedle - Ride This Train (Love From Philly mix)

9. Lcd Soundsystem - Tribulations (Lindstrom Mix)

10. The Emperor Machine - Yes No Egg

11. Donna Summer - I Feel Love

12. Lindstrom - Another Station (Todd Terje Remix)


Oslo motion (3/3)


Every good things has its end so here is the last part of the Prins Thomas's mix in Annecy. Sorry for being a bit long but quite busy these times... Thanks again Thomas for all these great sounds.

Prins Thomas - Live mix in Annecy (03/07/08)


Les granges brulées


Les granges brulées is an old french movie directed by Jean Chapot in 1973. The principal protagonists are Simone Signoret with Alain Delon and that is a big deal... I didn't had the chance to see the movie but I'd like to share two songs of the score produced by Jean-Michel Jarre. The tracks come from the cd cause the only time I saw the LP, it was VERY expensive... Jean-Michel Jarre realised this stuff before doing his famous Oxygene, it's a kind of pre-electronica full of tension with short tracks. The two tracks you have here are the last but probably the strongest of the score. Enjoy !

La chanson des granges brulées

Le pays de Rose


Electric Spanking goes to Detroit


I already told you that this blog wasn't just disco oriented but open to all good sounds... Today I'd like to present you a french dj and producer that rocks : Kriss Kortz aka Life Recorder. His skills on the mix are excellent as you could hear in his mix and he loves "Detroitish" sounds that make you fly over the dancefloor... But the man is a very good producer too. I suggest you take a look on the label he runs with Maxx-T, Code 316 and Night Vision Records too where he released some tracks. Enjoy the mix, send him feedback, he'll enjoy.

Kriss Kortz - Mix may 2008

1 - Redshape - Cashmere

2 - Infinity - Game One (Steve Rachmad remix)

3 - Cobblestone Jazz - Peace offering

4 - Rejected - Let's go juno -

5 - Gary Martin - Pimping people in high places

6 - Aardvarck - Cult copy (2000 and One remix)

7 - Don Williams - Detroit red

8 - Deepchord - Electromagnetic dowsing (Mike Huckaby remix)

9 - Baby Ford + Eon - Dead eye

10 - Arnaud le texier - Wild quiche (Shinedoe remix)

11 - Fabrice Lig - The track

12 - Galaxy 2 galaxy - Jupiter jazz

13 - Life Recorder - Rising (Orlando Voorn remix)

14 - Sebastien San - Rising sun (C2 edit)

15 - Fingers inc - I'm strong (Instrumental)

16 - Shamus Coghlan - 5000 Miles


C in China for the Olympic Games


A cool B side today. I found this record in a crappy second hand and immediately thought that the b side could be nice...

Confetti's - C in China (12" instrumental version)


Oslo Motion (2/3)


Hey lucky bastards ! You've been patient and it seems it gonna pay... Here you have the second part of the live mix by Prins Thomas in Annecy. The third (and last) part will follow in few weeks so, as usual, stay tuned to get your spank dose !

Prins Thomas - Live mix in Annecy (03/07/08)


The Empire strikes back


To begin the week with some good sounds, I propose you to download this weirdo mix by Atavistic Empire which is an obscure entity responsible of a very interesting podcast. They focus more on the records and the selection than the mixing skills but who cares ? Good records are always better than a good mixer with shitty selection for me.

Atavistic Empire mix

1- Black Dice - Cloud Pleaser

2 - Mr Oizo - Bad Start

3 - Unknown - Blood Brass

4 - Soft Rocks - Futura

5 - Harold Faltermeyer - Fletch Theme

6 - Supersempfft - Beam Him Up

7 - Prins Thomas edit - Bylos

8 - Jean Jacques Perrey - Cat In The Night

9 - Cosmic Jokers - Raumschiff Galaxy fliegt in die Sonne

10 - Ralph Lundsten - Horrorscope

11 - Thick As Theives Love E.P. - Unknown

12 - Dick Hyman - Give It Up, Turn It Loose (edit)

13 - Max Middleton - Viva Bass And Drums

14 - Peter Reno - Silver Thrust

15 - Shocking Pinks - Smoke Screen



Three years after his critically acclaimed debut album Après le paradis, from Geneva Love Motel is back on the scene with Mind the Void. Invoking a full suite of portraits, Love Motel describes « his » 21st century through the eyes of a bunch of lost souls (wasted nerds, repentant machos, TV addicts, sadistics gigolos, former dictators and naughty astronauts) looking for salvation. And while the portraits he paints aren’t that pretty, his sexy musical performance as well as his dark and ironic lyrics transform Mind the Void into an hypnotizing, beautiful and menacing soundtrack of now. Mind the Void offers the same rich intensity as Love Motel’s former album, but meted out through a more mature and more cohesive sound that immediately grabs your attention. Andres Garcia’s production keeps the tension bubbling just below the surface mixing glam rock guitars, booty basses and robotic rhythms bringing back something from the 80s, although contemporary textures always lurk beneath the surface of Mind the Void. They permit us to discover a remix of Leonard de Leonard and many more on their myspace Love Motel Remixs

Dial God USA (Leonard de Leonard rmx)


Driving this road until death sets you free

I told you few months ago, when I post the mix I did that Zombie Zombie was a band to watch with an album to come. Here we are, the album is launched (for some times now, ok I'm a bit late but this is not the subject) on Versatile Records and of course it's great. If you are as big fan as me you should absolutely buy the 12" with the Joakim's remix that is a great piece of wax... Here you got the video of this track, Driving this road until death sets you free, made with animation of Action man-like caracters, beautiful, just beautiful ! Long live the zombies !

Oh, I almost forgot... Zombie Zombie is Cosmic Neman and Etienne Jaumet. Etienne did a solo 12" for Versatile too with an incredible remix by Ame...


Oslo Motion (1/3)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Very special post today ! We're proud to share with you a live mix of the norvegian disco king, Prins Thomas. The man is not what we called a newbie... His album with Lindstrom on Eskimo was the launch of a great series of remixes and the start of two very recommended labels : Full Pupp and Internasjonal.
Here comes the first of the third parts, stay tuned for the rest of his mix...

Prins Thomas - Live mix in Annecy (03/07/08)


The Disco Devil is back


Disco Devil is already responsible for two very hot 12" that you have to buy immediately if you're enough lucky to find them... The man is behind the Rubber Room moniker. They made a remix of Antena on the excellent label Permanent Vacation. The devil is gonna release some new edits for the Mindless Boogie serie and a mix for the N°1 radio in the whole universe, Beats in Space. That's what I call a nice program... Two re-edits for your pleasure.

Disco Devil - You're So Cute Jack

Disco Devil - I Hate The Job


The infamous Carbon Cream


Another mix from a parisian today. Carbon Cream is a vinyl freak for years and had collected a lot of wax... Here he delivers us a weirdo dark disco mix with some re-edits by his own. Try it now !

1 - Queen - The dancer

2 - White Light Circus - The shot

3 - J Disco - Loves Entry (J-Disco's Unstoppable Mix)

4 - Yellow Power - Hai samurai (Pilooski edit)

5 - Edwin Starr - Get up (Pilooski Edit)

6 - Henri Mancini & ... - Untilted

7 - LTJ Xperience - No Rhyme No Reason

8 - Peter Brown - Dance with me (C. Cr. edit)

9 - Alexander Dark Band - The immortal squirrel

10 - Chicken Lips - Aim fire (XDC)

11 - Skuts' n' String & 909 - Go Back in Time (C. Cr. P.Pass Mix)

12 - Aphrodite's Child - The System

13 - Franky Valli - Beggin' (Pilooski Edit)


Brazil undergound for your pleasure


I'm back in Brazil ! No electronic stuff this time but a real good discover : Hurtmold. Mestro, their fourth output has been released in Europe this week by the excellent french label Nacopajaz already responsible for the albums of Fedaden and Del Wire. You have to buy this album cause it's superb, nothing to say more ! It sounds a bit if Cinematic Orchestra make an instrumental jam with Sonic Youth in the Tortoise studio. Hurtmold is definitively on top of the new brazilian underground. Nacopajaz is gonna release a compilation with other great brazilian stuff very soon so watch out and support them.

Hurtmold - Miniotario

Visit the Nacopajaz web site here.



Kelpe aka Kel Mckeown, an english musician who plays either electro or pop, or both at the same time. His first steps were made in his youth with friends playing in fakes rap groups.
Nowadays, Kelpe works with sample like ping pong ball,break hip hop ,cow bells,different kinds of music, himself at the drums, a lot of invited musicians too.
Kelpe's music is a lot inspired by old machines,oscillator and vintage synthesizer.The result is an instable, touching, mostly happy music.
In one word: alive.
With his second album (Ex-Aquarium) signed at DC RECORDINGS he confirms our hopes and impose himself as the dignified heir of a generation of adventurous electronica producers, humble enought to stay approachable.

EXTRACT : Colours Dont Leak Part 1



The dog is barking


I hope you noticed the new french label called Silicon Square Garden. They are already responsible for two smoking 12" that you should buy quickly... On the first you have Play Paul with a remix by the mighty Trevor Jackson and the second comes from Rove Dogs and Golden Bug with a supa hot remix by LSB that is one of my favourite these times. I suggest that you also check the two 12" of Golden Bug on Gomma, they rock like hell. So, here you got a mix by Rove Dog just the way I like it : groovy and powerful ! Enjoy

Rove Dogs - Sarcosmic disco mix

1 - Skinny Joey – La nuit

2 - Track & Field - Sundazed

3 - Sugar Hill – Sugar Hill Suite (Double Dee & Steinsky mix)

4 - Easy Going – Do it again

5 - Human Body – Desitre

6 - Kaoru Inoue – Secret Field (Todd Terje mix)

7 – Lindstrom – Jodleknappen

8 - Basil – Getaway

9 - LCD Soundsystem – Time to get away

10 - Chemical Brothers – Salmon dance (Glimmers mix)

11 - Hardrock Striker – Control (In Flagranti remix)

12 - Ignition – Secret Sunday

13 – X – Lime

14 - Arpadys – Monkey

15 - Mock & Toof – Big hands for a lady

16 – X - Spacerock

17 - In Flagranti – Coquine

18 - Gordon’s War – The rock is gonna get you

19 - Angela Bofill – Too tough


Disco not disco


Strut records seems to be back from the dead and release a third volume of the famous compilation serie called Disco not Disco. I suggest you take a look on it cause there is a fistfull of great tracks and some rare remixes... Here you have a video of a dance session in Detroit on the cult track "Sharevari" by A Number of Name that has been covered by Miss Kittin & the Hacker some years ago. Enjoy !