Leonard de Leonard

- Could you present yourself a lil' bit for the people who don't know you yet ?

I'm a french musician who live actualy in Berlin. I'm making electro and electro hiphop music, I have already make two cd's, four solo vynils and many remixes and collaborations. Actualy I work on my album number 3 and I'm doing also the music for a Cartoon for tv (52 episodes!).

- How are you live sets ? Do you brought a full range of analog machines or you're a laptop freak ?
Both I'm a laptop freak but I'm also an anolog freak I got a quit nice modular synth at home and so many other shitty stuff.

- You released stuff on Bee Rec. and Ekler'o'shock but you also have you own label, Leonizer, so we can expect records from other artists on it ?
Actualy no, I don't have enought money and time, but may be later.

- The visual of your album '2' was beautiful, could you tell us a bit more on the guy(s) that did it ?
It's a friend of me Mathias Schweizer, a great Graphist!
He also do me the visual of my two first vinyls, my first album and the video of Crack it.

- It's a bit the same question but the video is weirdo and fits well the sound, so how things happened and who worked with you on it ?
You talking about the video of "The screaming dance" I think. It's a video by Kplusme, It's a french guy and a japanese girl who live in Tokyo, They have lot of talent too, I sent them two pics of me and they have done the video with a japanese guy who dance with my face. They are also doing me visual of my next vinyl, you can find them in their website : www.kplusme.com.

- A new EP is gonna be released : tell us more ! Featurings ? Remixes ?
I write song for club in the release, because actualy I 'm doing lot of mix in club. In this release you can find a remix from Donovan and a remix from Chris de Luca vs PhonO.