Bring back the bimbo's touch


I recorded this mix few weeks ago but forget it just after. It's focusing on dark sounds but with various kind of beats cause many mixes are so boring because of that. As usual with me it's vinyl only (maybe you don't give a fuck about that but I'm still buying records every weeks), one shot and no editing. Enter the dungeon now !

Bimbo3000 - Gay bikers from hell

Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald - Interlude/Movement 5

Zombie Zombie - Texas ranger (Danton Eeprom remix)

Poni Hoax - The bride is on fire (Dj Chloé remix)

Nick Chacona - Mariacha

Shackleton - Blood on my hands (Riccardo Villalobos apocalypso now mix)

Danton Eeprom - Confessions of an english opium eater

Poni Hoax - Hypercommunication (Alter Ego remix)

Lil' Tony - Redrum

Kebacid - Acid invader

Emmanuel Top - Asteroid

Holger Hiller - Das feuer (Pilooski edit)


I can't hide it, I'm a big fan of Herbert for years. A new lp is coming and Matthew takes the mic ! It's a trilogy cause two others lps are already planned, can't wait ot hear that ! His work is simpy beautiful : from the minimal organic sounds of the Wishmountain moniker, to the vocal house with Dani or his stunning remixes for Blaze, Moloko, the false balearic touch of Doctor Rockit, the scores for different movies... I share a remix of Axelle Red (a belgian singer, very famous in France), that is almost unknown. Brilliant Matthew's touch : cut-up, horns and reworked vocals to bring that swinging mood that I like so much. Enjoy !

Axelle Red - Ma Bimbo à moi (Herbert's chicken swing remix)


The Prins goes solo


After two Lp's with Lindstrom, Prins Thomas goes on his own way. It took a long time but the man is pretty busy running two excellent labels (Full Pupp & Internasjonal), remixing a lot and touring. So, here's a teaser to wait until may 5. Expect usual sound investigation between cosmic, disco and tribal vibe.

Prins Thomas - Uggebugg

For those who maybe missed it, I posted a live mix he did in town two years ago (beware : 3 parts), so dig in the archives.


Watusi Band


Spring flavour today. Fromage Disco delivers this cool and warm afro track. First autralian sound following Brasil, Portugal, Italia, Spain, U.K, France & Deutschland, perfect ! Enjoy and don't forget to clean your bbq...

Watusi Band - Oi Gere (Fromage vs Knanky Fuckles edit)


Radiant child


I met Sundae in town few months ago. We had a lunch with some friends, talking about Lio, the afro sound diggers, Arthur Russell and how to remove the repeat mode of my i-pod ! He played records with Blackjoy and I did the "mad drunk dancer" all night long... because the sound was awesome. Enjoy this selection he did specially for us and check his blog to discover his tastes and his work as graphist.

Sundae - Under the sea

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Reminiscences

Necessaries - Detroit Tonight

Gina X Performance - Nice Mover

Flash and the Pan - California

Washed Out - Feel it All Around

Those Sexy Moments - Sexy Mama

Adonis - The Late Invitation Theme

Kid Creole and the Coconuts - No Fish Today

R. Stevie Moore - Theme from Hurricane David

Oliver Nelson - Flight for Freedom

Todd Rundgren - Breathless


The italian job

Marcello strikes again on wax... You can find it in every good online record shop, check in the links.

Italo Deviance E.P. Vol#2 by Marcello★Giordani

Raid the radio


Radio alert ! Blackjoy is starting a radio show focusing on funky beats made in France. The first guest was Boombass, one of the guy behind Cassius / La Funk Mob. Check the links for direct streaming and tracklist.

Blackjoy's part

Boombass's part


As we are here, I'd to talk a bit too about the show hosted by Frankito & Dr No. Every week, almost 2 hours of music, think funk, jazz, soul, brazil, tropical, afro, disco (an so on...) with occasionally guests. Links and tracklists here.