Music from the cave

The second Lp of Bot'ox is about hit the fans (me and maybe you). As an introduction, a nice clip directed by Pablo Padovani for the first single, Basement love. The track is a beautiful slo mo dark lullabye with vocals by the Foremost Poets (remember Beat that bitch with a bat ?). Remixes ? Yes Sir ! The casting is über kool : Pachanga Boys for a monstrous odyssey of 12 minutes (free download on this one), the boss himself Cosmo Vitelli and Richard Fearless of Death in Vegas. While some are masturbating on beefs and Beatport charts, others provide great music...


So young but so cold


Beware : the two legendary LP's (By pass / Try out) by the noneless legendary band from Nancy Kas Product are repressed. The two LP's will be available separately or in a box with some tracks from different 12" or 7". If you're not into wax, the cd version is already out. Cool live footage and interview (in french) in the video.


Ten to start

I hate when the kick starts at 0,1 second in a mix.


The Yes-Men


Obscure swiss band on a heavy Cure influence. I didn't found any informations on them but the artwork catched my eyes in a second-hand on a rainy morning, enjoy.


Edit service


Cosmo Vitelli & his team launch a new platform to share an edit two times per month. I suggest you put it in your favorite links. As usual, expect top notch sounds from the vaults. Be thankful.


Local heroes

My point of view about MONSTRE! is not unbiased as I know them for a long time. Don't mind. I love their sound. Pop and dancefloor as many bands, but no shiny glossy polish involved here. Keep it raw. This EP is on free download but you can purchase the first LP (with a mp3 coupon code).

Next one is mix of serious jackin' mental house music by J. Dorst, half of the infamous duo Wurst & Falafel. Enjoy.




Killer mix from the rising french duo already responsible of some top notch edits, a mix for a Colette (a second one is coming), an edit for Kill the dj and a few remixes. The above pic is the cover of the second 10", artwork by the mighty Trevor Jackson.



7" inches of love


Great piece of music repress by Emotional Rescue with a nice artwork. Buy now or cry later.