God wears a grey suit


During some years I was not very found of Carl Craig and some friends of mine (I won't give the names...) were very upset about that. Finally I understood, they were right : C2 is one of the greatest producers in electronic music off all times ! I've changed my mind... and played one of his track or remix in every set since ! Here is a link to watch (in HD please !) a live concert he did in october 2008 in Paris with the pianist Francesco Tristano and the orchestra called Les Siecles. Pure class ! Sit back, relax, enjoy...

The video is here.

One last thing : I've heard rumours about a new version of 69, and apparently, Tristano will be on keyboards...


Don't leave me baby


Sometimes great records are hidden in awful dusty sleeves... I found this one in a second hand shop few months ago. Never heard about this band and Discogs only know this 12"... Enjoy this 9 minutes version (the B side is a bit more instrumental but less strong according to me).

Quenzo - Break-out (re-mix version & dub instrumental remixed)