90's madness


Plan B is about do a reissue the legendary Pat Duffy's pro model from the mid 90's with the artwork copying a Primus' EP. Everybody who used to skate in this time would told you that this guy was the king of the rails and this part in the first Plan B video is absolutely incredible and legendary. Before going more metal, Primus was a group that sounded like anybody else on this planet due to Les Claypool, the bassist/singer/leader. To celebrate this I decided to share with you an edit of one of their song.

Primus - Tommy the cat (Jacob London edit)


In The Red

The Dirtbombs, my personal "rock" (if the word still means something) band ever (because of their LP Ultraglide in black) are launching a new album these days. As they did with their split with Adult, they cover some Detroit techno tracks.


Instant hit

Beautiful clip for beautiful track. Different versions to hunt for the wax addicts, particularly the 10" blue one on Dirty with an extended mix of Singular featuring Matias Aguyao on the b side and a stunning artwork (as usual).