Wax, wax and more fucking wax !!!!


100% electro free with this selection of my man Frankito Hutchinson. This guy is the heaviest digger I know : he's what we call an obsessive records buyer... I even don't wanna know how many records he's got ! So it's a normal thing that I invited him to drink some rosé at home a friday evening and record him to share with you, isn't it ? You will propably gonna heard about him more and more here cause he's hot like hell and above all thinks records have to be heard by people so, he's always spreading more sound... He's working on a reedition of an obscure french 7" too : the original is very sought after and of course madly expensive so, stay tuned cause we'll talk about it when it comes. Now, have a drink, light a pot, turn down the lights to set the mood and enjoy !

Frankito Hutchinson - At the apero !

1 - Radio intro - A few thoughts for the day
2 - Willie Wright - Righ ton for darkness
3 - Milton Wright - Keep it up
4 - Visions of Tomorrow - Galaxy
5 - Freak - Musical intimador
6 - Jackson Jones - I feel good
6 - Ted Coleman Band - If we take the time (Where do we go from here)
7 - Firefly - Love is gonna be on your side
8 - T.M.S - Get the feelin' "
9 - Pazazz - So hard to find (7 Samurai mix)
10 - Hokis Pokis - Nowhere
11 - Milton Hamilton - Crystalized
12 - Monika Linges Quartett - Running
13 - Lilian Alexander - Lilian's boogie (Tom Noble mix)
14 - Christina Lover - Sofrito (edit)
15 - Lonnie Liston Smith & the Cosmic Echoes - A chance for peace


My Favorite Robot


House is a feeling as he said... A very good discover today with My Favorite Robot, a label/artist I didn't know. You have to check their releases urgently ! The EP they sent me, Modest goddess comes with remixes by Jonny white, Pan/Tone and VanderMeer. Great package, trust me. The LP is about to hit the shelves this autumn and the track I share with you today is a part of it. Of course it gonna remind you a famous quartet from Liverpool but with a dancefloor feeling ! Enjoy and send them feedback.

My Favorite Robot - While my guitar gently creeps (Original mix)




Generaly I try to stay respectful and not to share new records : only very old or tracks the authors authorized me. This time it's a bit different cause it's a bootleg (very few released on wax...) Henrik Schwarz did of a famous funk track sung by Bill Withers (remember "Just the two of us"...). This song is a classic and you can find many versions sung by men (Who is he ?) or women (Who is she ?). It a jealousy song : a heartbreaked guy can't accept his ex-girlfriend found someone else... Everybody feel this at less one time in his life. Enjoy and spread love !

Bill Withers - Who he is (Henrik Schwarz edit)


Brooklyn is in the house


The trio from NYC is back in september with a new LP. I'm a huge fan since I discovered them with Ill communication, their 90's masterpiece. The mix I share today was done with my man Bootmaker some years ago : collecting rare tracks, live, remixes and a mash up to close the mix, putting all that stuff in a pc and shakin' it ! It's a bit rough but it sounds still fresh to me.

Beastie Boys - The new style mix