Music from the cave

The second Lp of Bot'ox is about hit the fans (me and maybe you). As an introduction, a nice clip directed by Pablo Padovani for the first single, Basement love. The track is a beautiful slo mo dark lullabye with vocals by the Foremost Poets (remember Beat that bitch with a bat ?). Remixes ? Yes Sir ! The casting is über kool : Pachanga Boys for a monstrous odyssey of 12 minutes (free download on this one), the boss himself Cosmo Vitelli and Richard Fearless of Death in Vegas. While some are masturbating on beefs and Beatport charts, others provide great music...


So young but so cold


Beware : the two legendary LP's (By pass / Try out) by the noneless legendary band from Nancy Kas Product are repressed. The two LP's will be available separately or in a box with some tracks from different 12" or 7". If you're not into wax, the cd version is already out. Cool live footage and interview (in french) in the video.