Live and direct !

Check this awesome video ! Boz Scaggs was the singer of the Steve Miller Band and he's a great performer as you'll see here. There is a surprise in the middle, don't quit before it ends please...

ps : thx to Dr Phunkenstein for made me discover this : you're the man !


Fear of the dark


Back after a wild week end... Clarence made me request on Myspace so I went to his page and listened to his tracks. I loved them immediately so I proposed him to post one. The man prefers to stay in the shadow of his moniker so you just have to know that he's a french guy who lives in the north of the country. But in fact, we really don't care of all this, the principal thing is the sound he produces ! This one is a mid-tempo that could have been on the Italians Do It Better's compilation...

Clarence - Lights out