Oslo Motion (2/3)


Hey lucky bastards ! You've been patient and it seems it gonna pay... Here you have the second part of the live mix by Prins Thomas in Annecy. The third (and last) part will follow in few weeks so, as usual, stay tuned to get your spank dose !

Prins Thomas - Live mix in Annecy (03/07/08)


The Empire strikes back


To begin the week with some good sounds, I propose you to download this weirdo mix by Atavistic Empire which is an obscure entity responsible of a very interesting podcast. They focus more on the records and the selection than the mixing skills but who cares ? Good records are always better than a good mixer with shitty selection for me.

Atavistic Empire mix

1- Black Dice - Cloud Pleaser

2 - Mr Oizo - Bad Start

3 - Unknown - Blood Brass

4 - Soft Rocks - Futura

5 - Harold Faltermeyer - Fletch Theme

6 - Supersempfft - Beam Him Up

7 - Prins Thomas edit - Bylos

8 - Jean Jacques Perrey - Cat In The Night

9 - Cosmic Jokers - Raumschiff Galaxy fliegt in die Sonne

10 - Ralph Lundsten - Horrorscope

11 - Thick As Theives Love E.P. - Unknown

12 - Dick Hyman - Give It Up, Turn It Loose (edit)

13 - Max Middleton - Viva Bass And Drums

14 - Peter Reno - Silver Thrust

15 - Shocking Pinks - Smoke Screen



Three years after his critically acclaimed debut album Après le paradis, from Geneva Love Motel is back on the scene with Mind the Void. Invoking a full suite of portraits, Love Motel describes « his » 21st century through the eyes of a bunch of lost souls (wasted nerds, repentant machos, TV addicts, sadistics gigolos, former dictators and naughty astronauts) looking for salvation. And while the portraits he paints aren’t that pretty, his sexy musical performance as well as his dark and ironic lyrics transform Mind the Void into an hypnotizing, beautiful and menacing soundtrack of now. Mind the Void offers the same rich intensity as Love Motel’s former album, but meted out through a more mature and more cohesive sound that immediately grabs your attention. Andres Garcia’s production keeps the tension bubbling just below the surface mixing glam rock guitars, booty basses and robotic rhythms bringing back something from the 80s, although contemporary textures always lurk beneath the surface of Mind the Void. They permit us to discover a remix of Leonard de Leonard and many more on their myspace Love Motel Remixs

Dial God USA (Leonard de Leonard rmx)


Driving this road until death sets you free

I told you few months ago, when I post the mix I did that Zombie Zombie was a band to watch with an album to come. Here we are, the album is launched (for some times now, ok I'm a bit late but this is not the subject) on Versatile Records and of course it's great. If you are as big fan as me you should absolutely buy the 12" with the Joakim's remix that is a great piece of wax... Here you got the video of this track, Driving this road until death sets you free, made with animation of Action man-like caracters, beautiful, just beautiful ! Long live the zombies !

Oh, I almost forgot... Zombie Zombie is Cosmic Neman and Etienne Jaumet. Etienne did a solo 12" for Versatile too with an incredible remix by Ame...