Arthur's Landing


Cool project to come from Strut with a Arthur's Russell tribute album. Most of the people involve worked with him on his different monikeers. Expect slow mo disco dub and under water psyche pop... If you don't understand a word about what I'm talking about, check here.


Faces Records


Big release to come from MCDE and the Faces Records crew (Big up Pablo !). Hundred20 is a new MDCE's project with a friend of him. Nice acid tracks, in the mood of his latest remixes. Beautiful remix from John Roberts who released a fantastic LP on Dial. Check in your favorite shop to get a copy of the double 12" to come soon...

V/A MCDE 1206-07 by Faces Records





In Flagranti has always be one of my fav producers since years, especialy with the Sound Superb serie which is really really wicked (check here for more madness). Making some clean up in the box of the blog I found this remix their did for a duo that I didn't know, Arsenal. Stunning rework as usual...

Arsenal - Lotuk (In Flagranti remix)

Pic courtesy of E. Baud


Secret Weapons


Dj History strikes again and again : compilations, interviews of many musical legends, podcasts a gogo, books etc. Their latest release is a strong CD/LP with a fistful of amazing tracks. This one is maybe the more "physical" but it works great...

NUBIAN MINDZ - 909 Samba (Secret Weapons) by Bill Brewster




Innovative. No compromises. Constant. Ghostly International and its sub-labels are all of this since the beginning. To get in touch with the nerdy part of their public their did an iphone app (free) to discover the catalog selecting sounds by differents ways.

They also released few weeks ago the third LP of Matthew Dear and as usual it's great. I love his voice and the treatment. Don't expect "dancefloor made for LP" here... A black diamond. Full of haunted vocals and tricky beats. The album comes in all usual formats and in a limited totem (!?) of 100 pieces.





I remember some years ago : people used to talk about a mysterious guy called Venturi. During some months I believed this guy was just an urban legend but one day I finally met him. He's what we can consider as a versatile guy, producing some beats in his room, collecting weird (or not) records, working a lot and playing in the new super combo in town called Monstre! with other freaky dudes. Enjoy his La derniere seance mixtape.

01 - Amon Duul III - Spaniards & spacemen
02 - Kamuran Akkor - Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz (Baris K Edit)
03 - Nazan Soray - Halhal (Baris k edit)
04 - Leo Ferre - Les pop
05 - Monstre! - Echoes of silver
06 - François de Roubaix - Les levres rouges
07 - Mort Garson - Easy to be hard
08 - Batteaux - High tide
09 - Simon & Garfunkel - Patterns
10 - Chico Buarque - Construcao
11 - Caravan - The land of grey and pink
12 - Ennio Morricone - Grazie zia - uccidete il vitello grasso
13 - Dalida - Le clan des siciliens
14 - Henri Mancini - Lujon
15 - Lalo Schiffrin - Scorpio
16 - Medusa - Guarda che luna
17 - Moondog - Birds lament
18 - Roy Harper - One man rock and roll band
19 - The Electric Moon Orchestra - Imperial attack


Disco Cop


Don't know many things on this one : just two 12" on Discogs with different pressings but the sound is sooooo fat... Reminds me the Kon & Amir's sounds ! Probably my best flea market find till now. Enjoy.

Portable Patrol - Cop bop (Disco mix)



Second release from Superfriends. Be quick now or cry later.


Englishmen in N.Y.C

I heard about this collab between Futura and The Clash but never heard it until I found this promo compil in a flea market few days ago... It seems that a video exists where he paints live on stage with the Strummer's gang but can't find it. If you know where it is, please post in comments.

Futura and The Clash - The escapade of Futura 2000


Straight from Spacestation

Luke Slater is seriously back in business. Freaky artwork too. Out now on Ostgut Ton.


Smells good


A lil' explanation of what is coming in september from the Tigersushi family :

"To celebrate our 10 years we decided to launch a series of split 7inches in association with our best musical friends : the More G.D.M. Collabs. Each release of the series will be a limited edition (200 copies) split 7inch with one Tigersushi side and one “guest” side. For the first installment of the More G.D.M. COLLABS series we teamed up with our long-time friends Optimo who released their infamous compilation How to Kill The DJ pt 2 on Kill The DJ / Tigersushi back in 2004! Both tracks here are super hard-to-find minimal synth gems. We call them gems because in our opinion they go way beyond the genre and reach a timeless classic status. We chose Solid Space's Tenth Planet on our Tigersushi side. A track released in 1982 on cassette only by this obscure band from the UK. Optimo chose John Bender, another super obscure cult musician from Cincinnati."

If you follow Tim's Sweeney's Beats In Space and have heard the stunning Ivan Smagghe's mix you'd propably noticed that Kill the Dj (my other fetish label) is going to release a serie of tiny 7" in the next months.

I heard too about Tullio de Piscopo's hit Bajon being remixed by Isoul8 and the mighty house king of Detroit : Theo Parrish ! Probably in september... stay tuned


Leather, 909 & peppers

Discodeine's new single before is launched before the LP. As usual expect some wicked electronic stuff with amazing artwork. Don't sleep, only 500 pressed & beautiful artwork...

DISCODEINE / SINGULAR from alainfinkielkrautrock on Vimeo.

Winter winds


We don't talk about jazz much often over here but I'd to make a post for this fantastic reedition of P.E Hewitt's work. Thanks to Now Again, his three records are now available on cd and vinyl (beautiful box for each). This young (in 1968...) pianist of 17 years (!!!) is an incredibly talented, trust me, this is heavy heavy sound.



Adult Music Entertainment return with another tasty four tracker re edit 12". RD76 edits four tracks with ease. To start 'The Price Of the Beat' with lots of balearic funky percussion, dubbed out vocal, mellow chorus hooks a very nice smoulder late night track. 'They Don’t Tell The Truth' starts off with killer percussion then goes into soul territory, lots of raw groove business.
The flip sees 'We Love The Theme'- Serious groove with beautiful strings arrangement comes with beautiful male & female vocals. A great great edit!




The infamous parisian label run by Joakim, Tigersushi celebrates 10 years of deviant sounds. One record is shaped in a kind of "greatest hits" with some exclusive or special edits and the second is a mix by the boss himself. Freaky music for freaky people. Thanks.

Principles Of Geometry - Americhael

Update : here is the brand new Resident Advisor podcast by the Bouaziz brothers, Joakim and Mattias


I was a teenage dj in 1982


Sidney is a real legend for everybody involved in hip hop in France cause he used to have his own tv show in the early 80's.

Sidney - Let's break EP

- Let's break (Smurf)
- Let's break (Smurf) (Instrumental over dub)

To wait during the download you can check this fantastic video who fits perfectly to this post. Thx Roger B for the tip.


Live from Studio Cacane


Just a word to say that I did a mix for Natural Pleasure, the radio show hosted by my men Frankito & Dr No on Radio Meuh. You can listen here (Guytwo part).


Dark sunshine

A big favourite from this spring, repress by Kindred Spirit in vinyl few weeks ago.


Bring back the bimbo's touch


I recorded this mix few weeks ago but forget it just after. It's focusing on dark sounds but with various kind of beats cause many mixes are so boring because of that. As usual with me it's vinyl only (maybe you don't give a fuck about that but I'm still buying records every weeks), one shot and no editing. Enter the dungeon now !

Bimbo3000 - Gay bikers from hell

Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald - Interlude/Movement 5

Zombie Zombie - Texas ranger (Danton Eeprom remix)

Poni Hoax - The bride is on fire (Dj Chloé remix)

Nick Chacona - Mariacha

Shackleton - Blood on my hands (Riccardo Villalobos apocalypso now mix)

Danton Eeprom - Confessions of an english opium eater

Poni Hoax - Hypercommunication (Alter Ego remix)

Lil' Tony - Redrum

Kebacid - Acid invader

Emmanuel Top - Asteroid

Holger Hiller - Das feuer (Pilooski edit)


I can't hide it, I'm a big fan of Herbert for years. A new lp is coming and Matthew takes the mic ! It's a trilogy cause two others lps are already planned, can't wait ot hear that ! His work is simpy beautiful : from the minimal organic sounds of the Wishmountain moniker, to the vocal house with Dani or his stunning remixes for Blaze, Moloko, the false balearic touch of Doctor Rockit, the scores for different movies... I share a remix of Axelle Red (a belgian singer, very famous in France), that is almost unknown. Brilliant Matthew's touch : cut-up, horns and reworked vocals to bring that swinging mood that I like so much. Enjoy !

Axelle Red - Ma Bimbo à moi (Herbert's chicken swing remix)


The Prins goes solo


After two Lp's with Lindstrom, Prins Thomas goes on his own way. It took a long time but the man is pretty busy running two excellent labels (Full Pupp & Internasjonal), remixing a lot and touring. So, here's a teaser to wait until may 5. Expect usual sound investigation between cosmic, disco and tribal vibe.

Prins Thomas - Uggebugg

For those who maybe missed it, I posted a live mix he did in town two years ago (beware : 3 parts), so dig in the archives.


Watusi Band


Spring flavour today. Fromage Disco delivers this cool and warm afro track. First autralian sound following Brasil, Portugal, Italia, Spain, U.K, France & Deutschland, perfect ! Enjoy and don't forget to clean your bbq...

Watusi Band - Oi Gere (Fromage vs Knanky Fuckles edit)


Radiant child


I met Sundae in town few months ago. We had a lunch with some friends, talking about Lio, the afro sound diggers, Arthur Russell and how to remove the repeat mode of my i-pod ! He played records with Blackjoy and I did the "mad drunk dancer" all night long... because the sound was awesome. Enjoy this selection he did specially for us and check his blog to discover his tastes and his work as graphist.

Sundae - Under the sea

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Reminiscences

Necessaries - Detroit Tonight

Gina X Performance - Nice Mover

Flash and the Pan - California

Washed Out - Feel it All Around

Those Sexy Moments - Sexy Mama

Adonis - The Late Invitation Theme

Kid Creole and the Coconuts - No Fish Today

R. Stevie Moore - Theme from Hurricane David

Oliver Nelson - Flight for Freedom

Todd Rundgren - Breathless


The italian job

Marcello strikes again on wax... You can find it in every good online record shop, check in the links.

Italo Deviance E.P. Vol#2 by Marcello★Giordani

Raid the radio


Radio alert ! Blackjoy is starting a radio show focusing on funky beats made in France. The first guest was Boombass, one of the guy behind Cassius / La Funk Mob. Check the links for direct streaming and tracklist.

Blackjoy's part

Boombass's part


As we are here, I'd to talk a bit too about the show hosted by Frankito & Dr No. Every week, almost 2 hours of music, think funk, jazz, soul, brazil, tropical, afro, disco (an so on...) with occasionally guests. Links and tracklists here.


Another one from My Favorite Robot


My Favorite Robot is definitively a label to follow. After some great releases they launched remixes that rock like hell to celebrate the one year birthday. Except top house tunes... This one is the strongest from the package they sent me : dubby round sub-bass, nice vocal & deep atmophere.

James Teej - Space Oddity (My Favorite Robot mix)


Girls on top


This is a bootleg compilation of a bootleg serie by Richard X. A guy, The Watcher, repressed the whole serie on an LP few year ago. Bootlegs are not really my cup of tea but this one is great : Whitney Houston singing on Kraftwerk. Curious but it works perfectly. Enjoy.

Girls on Top - I wanna dance with somebody


La french


Quite a funky mood these days so this mix from Dj Pharoah is perfect. 100% french sound. The only thing that you should know about the tracklist is in the picture.

Dj Pharoah - Funk de France mix

Paris s'épelle m-e-r-d-e

Taxi Girl is a famous band in France thanks to their hit, Cherhez le garcon, and for the line up which counts Mirwais and Daniel Darc. This 12" from 1984 is a beautiful piece of electronic pop with fantastic lyrics full of casualness and fatality (sorry if you don't speak french, you miss something...). Kind of modern urban blues...

Taxi Girl - Paris (Original 12" mix/ Version dub / Remix) (1984)





Mysterious guy - Mystery mix

Mr Oizo - Cut Dick

40 Thieves - Don't turn it off (feat. qzen)

Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #6 (Original Mix)

Toby Tobias - In your eyes (Tensnake remix)

Bottin - No Static (Main version)

Lindstrom & Christabelle - Baby Can't Stop (Album Version)

Art Of Tones feat. Jaw - Call The Shots (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)

Alexander Robotnick - Disco Sick (Tensnake Remix)

Gui Boratto - Take My Breath Away

Tiga - Hot in here

Neville Watson - Blueprint (Original Mix Kink)

Lil' Tony - Mona (Original Mix)

Osunlade - Momma's Groove (jimpsters hip replacement mix)

Kerri Chandler - The panic

Tony Lionni - Found A Place

Q.Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses (Krikor Edit)

Guy Gerber - Timing (Original Mix)

Daniele Papini - Hidden Source

Nicolas Jaar - Time For Us


Just a little piece of sound

Very interesting documentary about the art of sampling. Thanks to Blackjoy for the tip !


You got a new spanish friend


Special package today ! Nelue is a spanish guy from Madrid that you maybe already notice for his track on the Cosmic balearic beats vol.2 on Eskimo recordings. He push two EP's on Lovemonk records with his tracks and two mixes by L.S.B and another with another big name from the disco scene...

Nelue - Chick me up

Nelue - Deconstructed (Cosmic mix)


No pain, no gain

One beautiful vid from one of the LP of the year for sure. I love this freaky dark mood with audacious arrangements...


The Kid is back in town


One funky pop track from N.Y today : a special 12" version from August Darnell, the talented producer / singer behind many projects on the infamous ZE records. I recommend too the ZEvolution compilation with a stunning casting of editers : Greg Wilson, Pilooski, Social Disco Club, Todd Terje, Rug'n'Tub, Richard Sen, Idjut Boys or Leo Zero...

Kid Creole & the Coconut - Table manners (Remix version) ZE records, 1982


French shower


Another mix from my "local guys". Julien Dorst deliver a good strong house mix, minimal but groovy. He did a remix with Triplecat on the Rebotini's remix comp' that is cool & you can find here a track they produce together, nice shot guys ! Check them Sound cloud account, it's here. Keep on dudes !

Julien Dorst Mix Decembre 2009 by Triplecat / Julien Dorst

Chaton - + 91 Ahead Session 2 (Ripperton's Los Barrios Mix)

Leix, Ronro, Venegas - Seito

Remerc - Wobble Night

Martin Landsky - Who's Laughing Now ?

Guy Gerber - Timing

Nina Kraviz - Pain In The Ass

Mark Broom, Mihalis Safras - Crabsticks (Bart Skils & Anton Pieete Remix)

Adam Beyer - Remainings III (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback Dub)

Tiger Stripes - To The Bone

Triplecat & Julien Dorst - Jet 5

Remain - Rash (Electric Rescue Remix)

Der Dritte Raum - Mixed Up (Gaiser's Fraktional Remix)

Marshall - Dr. Flute (Mark Broom Remix)


Heavy diggin'

This one is for the vinyl freaks. Please, check this awesome track but don't even dream of finding the original 7" ! Fortunatelly Superfriends records repress it with a a track by Les Parisiennes on the b-side. Limited quantities so be (very) quick, future sought after... Big support by Gilles Peterson who played it as first record of his first 2010 radio show ! Stay tuned cause they gonna release other stuff soon (think disco and tropical...) and I'll probably do a post for each.


The funky side of Robert


I can't say I knew well The Cure's discography but I found the Boys don't cry 12" (with a special extended version...) in a second hand for almost nothing. The good surprise was on the b-side : a funky track with a punk funk / disco not disco feeling ! Quite unusual for them. So, let's dance now !

The Cure - Do the hansa

From Charvonnex with love


My men Alex is really a special person : he loves films with sharks above all, he's the king of bbq and he's learning how to become the best dad in the world... I was asking him a mix for weeks but he had to succeed his girlfriend's "quality control" unless the mix arrive in my box ! So, he did it and show us that you can mix together boom bap hip hop with a Cologne's flavour. Enjoy

Alex from Charvo - No hard country mix

Jazz Liberatorz - That’s reality

Mf Doom - Black cat mouse trainer part 1

Jazz Liberatorz - Mountain sunlight

Madlib - What it do liberation

Dj Vadim - Talk to me

Kelpe - After gold

Inxs - Mediate

Voom Voom - Oggi

Reinhard Voigt - Am limit

Jurgen Paape - Aftershwang

Coldcut - Timber

Superpitcher - Heroin

Kelpe - Bread machine bred

Moderat - Porc 1&2

Bill Callahan - Faith/void