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The Emotional family is for me one of the most exciting sound providers of now. The represses of old obscure records are always interesting, the collab with Headman's Relish brings the finest associations (Daniel Avery, Douglas McCarthy or Robi Insinna himself) and the Especial part sees releases by Baris K, Richard Sen or Scott Fraser. Dig a little bit more and find more by Timothy J. Fairplay, Luke Wyatt, Black Deer or Music Cargo. All these Weatherall pupils are getting me crazy. Yes Sir, I assume my british side. Here's the first clip of the half of Cage & Aviary that will bring you in Madchester psychedelia.



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Here is my selection (call it a best of if you want, but it's really personal) of the four cd compilation released in order to fit the documentary about all this (mad) belgian scene.

A true masterpiece of techno from 1990 (!!!). It sounds as fresh as on first day. Who can claim it so now ? We'll see in 20 years.

When a band from Belgium decides to cover the Residents' best song you can't resist.

Please report to the Joey Beltram's comment above.

Excuse me ? You said L.I.E.S (good label by the way) is the "so futuristic" fashion label of the year ? Hum.... I don't think so.

Cause everybody need to jack sometimes...


Repress alert

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Very welcome repress of this beautiful record of a band that should have even not exist. Thanks Captured Tracks.


Love = mystery

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First EP of this deutsch band. According to me this rough version is better than the clean studio take. Leather, synths and love.


Green onions

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Once again a nice record from Disc'orama in Grenoble. I'm not a huge fan of covers in general but this wicked minimalist version of Green onions, the hit of the multiracial funk band Booker T & the Mg's, sang in german is a bomb ! Made in Canada.



Chloé from Battant is back with her new project, C.A.R. which is released by KTDJ in this end of june. Here is the first video :

You could preview the Laika EP before a remix session in September with resmoked versions by Discodeine, Krikor and Tim Fairplay :


Electric-Spanking mix vol.2

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A new mix from your favorite bimbo. As usual, old fashioned tunes, new flavours and future classics. Enjoy.

Higamos Hogamos - The creepers (Muscleheads version)
Bot'ox meets the Showgirls - Grand central
It's A Fine Line - Woman (A makhnovshchina repossession)
Steve Bug vs Dj T - Monsterblaze
Redshape - Funny green hat (Altered mix)
Crackboy - The cursed 909 dub
Binary Chaffinch - Neoprene warlord
Barnt - Geffen
Fango - N°1 (Recubierto mix)
Raudive - Relentless
Mickey Moonlight - Close to everything (The Martin Brothers remix)
Boyz Noize & Erol Alkan feat. Jarvis Cocker - Avalanche (Ewan Pearson's deeper underground re-version)
Donald - Good morning bora (Eeedio mix)
The Draughtsman - Vertical (Tim Paris remix)



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Hi. No post for a while due to moving of flat and loss of a decent internet connexion but, I didn't forget to buy some records... Here are two acid tracks by Jolly Roger and The Associates for your listening pleasure.


Moon rock

A great 10 minute animation made by Georges Dunning (responsible of Yellow submarine with The Beatles) in 1970. Thanks La Boca for this one. Must see if you like astronomy and psychedelia !