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Remember the mix of Billy Bogus few weeks ago ? His label, Pizzico Records release another smoking 12" from the man called Enzo Ponzio. He already released a piece of wax for Pizzico and a very good remix for the one of Billy Bogus that was acclaimed by most of the nu-disco heads. To celebrate and promote this new record, Enzio Ponzio delivers us a fucking good mix beween nu-disco, house and more electro stuff but always focus on groovy things, hummmmmmmm... Support him and buy his 12" before everybody do it !
You can purchase the mp3 at Kompakt mp3 or Juno downloads.

Enzio Ponzio - dj set


Social Disco Club


After some days without post I'm back ! We go back to the south of Europe with the portuguese wonder boy of the re-edit : Social Disco Club.
His twelve gonna be released soon on Ocsid Music and you can trust me it's very hot, so beware... He gave us an exclusive edit of Macho that rocks as hell : funky rhythm with percussive break and horns that wrecks your head on late night dancefloor sessions... Enjoy !

Macho - I'm a man (SDC edit)

Give him some feedback, he'll enjoy for sure !




Today I'm proud to present you a crew from Birmingham called Discomendments that is specialist in re-edits. They take their favourite tracks in all genres and put their special treatment to make you dance. Here you have two versions of David Bowie 'Fashion' and Wally Badderoo 'Chief Inspector' (which is the one for me !) just for your pleasure. If you like the job they did feel free to contact them and to send some feedback.

Discomendments - Chief editor edit

Discomendments - Fashion cut edit


The darkest bimbo you ever met

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Some people might think that Electric-Spanking is about balearic sounds and italo but it's false : it's about all good sounds ! I've done this mix by a cold and rainy autumn afternoon so it's a bit dark and epic... You got (almost) only new records. Do you remember Pejota, the brazilian guy who give us an edit of Queen few weeks ago ? He's part of Pink Monkey Flower that you could taste here. I'd like to talk a bit of Etienne Jaumet too. He's half of Zombie Zombie a great krautrock band that released two 12" and prepare an album on Versatile Records. I hope you'll enjoy... If you like the mix and the blog, spread the word.

Bimbo3000 - Electric-Spanking mix vol.01

1 - Aswefall - Ride (Der Schmeisser lovely splinter mix)

2 - Discemi - Data sapiens (Radioslave remix)

3 - Pink Monkey Flower - Afrodark

4 - Matthew Dear - Don and Sherri (Mandy remix)

5 - Poni Hoax - Antobodies (Chateau Flight remix)

6 - Radio Slave - Screaming hands (Cosmo Vitelli radioaktivitat remix)

7 - Bot'ox - Lada rock

8 - Faze Action - In the threes (C2 remix # 1)

9 - Q Lazarus - Goodbye horses (Krikor edit)

10 - Carl Craig - Darkness (Radioslave re-edit)

11 - Etienne Jaumet - Repeat again after me (Ame remix)


Lost in space

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Internet is an incredible tool to meet people around the world. After Leonard de Leonard from Berlin, Coyote from UK, Pejota from Brazil, The Diaphanoids from Italy we continue our world tour with Milky Bay from Portugal. He's a hardcore music lover from years but never learn how to play til the day he discovered Reason... Sometimes I wonder why so talented people aren't signed by labels and on another side many guys press shitty pieces of wax... The track he shares with us is a pure slow motion balearic tune that would turn any golden boy full of coke in a lazy guy chilling 24/7 on his sofa !!! He's working these days on a mash up that could rock as hell too... maybe you'll be able to listen to it here in the future weeks. If you want to taste his dj skills you can find a mix he did here.

Milky Bay - Winter square

Feel free to send him feedback or to leave comments.