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Lio - My top twenty

Whirlpool Productions - From Disco To Disco (Extended Disco Mix)

Thanks to the Blasi family for the tip...

Young, rich and angry


Bodie is american. Bodie is blond and he's a disco freak. So courtesy of the excellent label which released his tracks, Lightspeed Recordings, I'm proud to share this track with you. You absolutely have to check this new 12" with some reworks by Allejo, Faze Action and my fav, the Rudy’s midnight machine remix...

Bodie Lee - Monaco (Dub)


music in...... design

"Tea with Daft Punk" ... .. At the same time as their latest sensational live show, where lights and sounds are launched from a three-dimensional pyramid/stage, creating a kind of "Funkadelic" spaceship memory, I learn that the two "stupid punks" also had the time to design a tea party!?....... square lights alternate on the floor as if it were the dance floor of the disco "Saturday Night Fever" ... .. only £1000 .... www.habitat.net

METROFARM is a creative workshop, founded in Berlin by the "mysterious" Julia and Nuru. This unique study alternates the design of real complementary furniture (if you can call this a DJ console!) a concept for big brands worldwide (Absolute, Nike, DSL55) the creation of graphics and exclusive packaging, apparently de-contextualized. It is not simply an aesthetic project for its own ends, but the creation of a true work of art. The commercial aim seems overshadowed by a mood that characterizes the spirit of the brand in all its aspects, involving the viewer-client relationship within the philosophy of the product. The wise use of forms and materials used make METROFARM a unique and unmistakable reality.



Freaks on rollerskates

Thanks to my man Frankito Hutchinson for this one. More to come from him... expect heavy heavy tunes !


Best five remixes vol. 1 : Dr Phunkenstein


Here is the first part of a new serie : everybody has to find his five best remixes. So the first one to choose is my buddy Dr Phunkenstein, the man that never sleeps and always gets incredible records before everybody ! What to say more ? Humm.... I'm very jealous of his records collection and his part of the Tomate & Mozzarella fame, the infamous duo of dj's whom played everywhere except at you mother birthday... by now !

Cheek - Venus (Sunshine People) (Dj Gregory remix)

Antipop Consortium - Ghostlawns (LFO rik waller mix)

Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter (Two Lord Swordmen remix)

Blues Explosion - Mars, Arizona (DFA remix)

Cosmo Vitelli - Party day (Akufen honey moon remix)


Disco Vendetta is on the way

Your favorite Bimbo is 30 very soon so I'm preparing a big party with all my friends and two famous guests : Marcello Giordani (Supersonic Lovers/Italo Deviance) & Pilooski (Dirty). Huuuuum, smells good....
As these guys are gentlemen they offer us two tracks, enjoy !

Ministry - Don't remember what (Marcello Giordani edit)

Nina Simone - Take care of business (Pilooski edit)

If you're on facebook you can join the Pilooski's fan group I've created by clicking here.

I'd also like to make a HUGE big up for my man Reno who did the flyer :


Please note : my disvhare account has reached his limit so if you want I upload again some tracks let me know.