The truth


To end the year with a soul note, enjoy this beautiful edit from Rotary Disco 76.

The Undisputed Truth - Smiling faces sometimes (Rotary Disco 76 edit)

Pics by Michael Abramson who make a great job for Numero Group.


Where it comes from...


Lio - My top twenty

Whirlpool Productions - From Disco To Disco (Extended Disco Mix)

Thanks to the Blasi family for the tip...

Young, rich and angry


Bodie is american. Bodie is blond and he's a disco freak. So courtesy of the excellent label which released his tracks, Lightspeed Recordings, I'm proud to share this track with you. You absolutely have to check this new 12" with some reworks by Allejo, Faze Action and my fav, the Rudy’s midnight machine remix...

Bodie Lee - Monaco (Dub)


music in...... design

"Tea with Daft Punk" ... .. At the same time as their latest sensational live show, where lights and sounds are launched from a three-dimensional pyramid/stage, creating a kind of "Funkadelic" spaceship memory, I learn that the two "stupid punks" also had the time to design a tea party!?....... square lights alternate on the floor as if it were the dance floor of the disco "Saturday Night Fever" ... .. only £1000 .... www.habitat.net

METROFARM is a creative workshop, founded in Berlin by the "mysterious" Julia and Nuru. This unique study alternates the design of real complementary furniture (if you can call this a DJ console!) a concept for big brands worldwide (Absolute, Nike, DSL55) the creation of graphics and exclusive packaging, apparently de-contextualized. It is not simply an aesthetic project for its own ends, but the creation of a true work of art. The commercial aim seems overshadowed by a mood that characterizes the spirit of the brand in all its aspects, involving the viewer-client relationship within the philosophy of the product. The wise use of forms and materials used make METROFARM a unique and unmistakable reality.



Freaks on rollerskates

Thanks to my man Frankito Hutchinson for this one. More to come from him... expect heavy heavy tunes !


Best five remixes vol. 1 : Dr Phunkenstein


Here is the first part of a new serie : everybody has to find his five best remixes. So the first one to choose is my buddy Dr Phunkenstein, the man that never sleeps and always gets incredible records before everybody ! What to say more ? Humm.... I'm very jealous of his records collection and his part of the Tomate & Mozzarella fame, the infamous duo of dj's whom played everywhere except at you mother birthday... by now !

Cheek - Venus (Sunshine People) (Dj Gregory remix)

Antipop Consortium - Ghostlawns (LFO rik waller mix)

Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter (Two Lord Swordmen remix)

Blues Explosion - Mars, Arizona (DFA remix)

Cosmo Vitelli - Party day (Akufen honey moon remix)


Disco Vendetta is on the way

Your favorite Bimbo is 30 very soon so I'm preparing a big party with all my friends and two famous guests : Marcello Giordani (Supersonic Lovers/Italo Deviance) & Pilooski (Dirty). Huuuuum, smells good....
As these guys are gentlemen they offer us two tracks, enjoy !

Ministry - Don't remember what (Marcello Giordani edit)

Nina Simone - Take care of business (Pilooski edit)

If you're on facebook you can join the Pilooski's fan group I've created by clicking here.

I'd also like to make a HUGE big up for my man Reno who did the flyer :


Please note : my disvhare account has reached his limit so if you want I upload again some tracks let me know.


Dead summer


Cold, rain, dark days and short sun, summer is dead. But to keep on the sunny side of life, my man Ettore aka G-Blaster from Sicilia offers us a cool balearic mix to remember the days on the beach, cocktails, sunglasses and bikinis...

G-Blaster - Endless summer mix

1 -The Orb - Little fluffy clouds (Danny Tenaglia downtempo groove)

2 - Kaori - Good life

3 - Optimo - Caste out

4 - Dzihan & Kamien - After

5 - Crazy P - Get it on

6 - Solaris Heights - Solarism (Sunglasses after dark mix)

7 - Mattias Heilbronn - Bass ale jazz

8 - White Rabbit - Too hot to trot (Groove Armada country house mix)

9 - Beanfield - Tides - (Soulpatrol remix)

10 - Rhythm Section - Sunshine

To keep on my italian conection, I have to make a little promo for the first Italo Deviance release. Three top edits that you can buy in all good online shops we have in the links... don't miss it !



Disco loves U !


If you follow our adventures you already know this track because Frankito put it in his funky selection a few weeks ago. The fact this song is so addictive that I decided to share it "alone"... Disco at his top, nothing more to say !

Firefly - Love (is gonna be on your side)


We Are Reasonable People


Classic label, classic track :

LFO vs. F.U.S.E - Loop (Fuse mix) (1993)


Wax, wax and more fucking wax !!!!


100% electro free with this selection of my man Frankito Hutchinson. This guy is the heaviest digger I know : he's what we call an obsessive records buyer... I even don't wanna know how many records he's got ! So it's a normal thing that I invited him to drink some rosé at home a friday evening and record him to share with you, isn't it ? You will propably gonna heard about him more and more here cause he's hot like hell and above all thinks records have to be heard by people so, he's always spreading more sound... He's working on a reedition of an obscure french 7" too : the original is very sought after and of course madly expensive so, stay tuned cause we'll talk about it when it comes. Now, have a drink, light a pot, turn down the lights to set the mood and enjoy !

Frankito Hutchinson - At the apero !

1 - Radio intro - A few thoughts for the day
2 - Willie Wright - Righ ton for darkness
3 - Milton Wright - Keep it up
4 - Visions of Tomorrow - Galaxy
5 - Freak - Musical intimador
6 - Jackson Jones - I feel good
6 - Ted Coleman Band - If we take the time (Where do we go from here)
7 - Firefly - Love is gonna be on your side
8 - T.M.S - Get the feelin' "
9 - Pazazz - So hard to find (7 Samurai mix)
10 - Hokis Pokis - Nowhere
11 - Milton Hamilton - Crystalized
12 - Monika Linges Quartett - Running
13 - Lilian Alexander - Lilian's boogie (Tom Noble mix)
14 - Christina Lover - Sofrito (edit)
15 - Lonnie Liston Smith & the Cosmic Echoes - A chance for peace


My Favorite Robot


House is a feeling as he said... A very good discover today with My Favorite Robot, a label/artist I didn't know. You have to check their releases urgently ! The EP they sent me, Modest goddess comes with remixes by Jonny white, Pan/Tone and VanderMeer. Great package, trust me. The LP is about to hit the shelves this autumn and the track I share with you today is a part of it. Of course it gonna remind you a famous quartet from Liverpool but with a dancefloor feeling ! Enjoy and send them feedback.

My Favorite Robot - While my guitar gently creeps (Original mix)




Generaly I try to stay respectful and not to share new records : only very old or tracks the authors authorized me. This time it's a bit different cause it's a bootleg (very few released on wax...) Henrik Schwarz did of a famous funk track sung by Bill Withers (remember "Just the two of us"...). This song is a classic and you can find many versions sung by men (Who is he ?) or women (Who is she ?). It a jealousy song : a heartbreaked guy can't accept his ex-girlfriend found someone else... Everybody feel this at less one time in his life. Enjoy and spread love !

Bill Withers - Who he is (Henrik Schwarz edit)


Brooklyn is in the house


The trio from NYC is back in september with a new LP. I'm a huge fan since I discovered them with Ill communication, their 90's masterpiece. The mix I share today was done with my man Bootmaker some years ago : collecting rare tracks, live, remixes and a mash up to close the mix, putting all that stuff in a pc and shakin' it ! It's a bit rough but it sounds still fresh to me.

Beastie Boys - The new style mix


Le Club !


Found this one in a crappy second hand for two euros few months ago... A lil' bit cheesy but soooooooo 82' !

Le Club - Un fait divers et rien de plus (Re-mix)


They're back !

After some years of disgrace, it seems that Gigolo is back for real ! The new LP of Hell is strong, no problem. Check the classy video of the first single, The angst. On the B side Henrik Schwarz did a good mix too, as usual... I suggest that you listen the 12" of Snuff Crew (Berghain/Control) and the LP of Kikumoto Allstars : think old school jackin' house, 909, acid and cow bells, ace !


Un Pépé en or


Pépé Bradock is about to release a compilation (called "Confiotte de bits" with a great artwork as usual) of his remixes before the launch of a new LP in the late 2009. I love this guy because he's simply one of the best house producer on earth ! So I decided to share a remix he did for Candy Staton (released on Honest Jons) that is totally wicked and a Herbert's classic for years...

Candy Staton - Do your duty (Pépé Bradock mix)


Oh my god it's the funky shit part 2


It's a quite unusual sound today for Electric-Spanking but I asked my friend Fantaz (check the picture just above...) to give me a mix : 30 minutes, 20 tracks, this guy comes from hip hop as you guess... A modern b-boy in fact but what please me most is that is always put a brazilian track from Sergio Mendes or something like that in his mixes ! Dance, tease, shake your booty !

Fantaz - So what then mix

1 - Eddie Bo - From this day on
2 - Y society - Dizzy
3 - Trio Mocoto - Swinga sambaby
4 - Skull Snaps meete Discolobos - El snap cubano
5 - The Cool Kids - What it is
6 - Chromeo - My girl is calling me (a liar)
7 - The Chemical Brothers - Leave home / Dizzee Rascal - Pussyole (Acapella)
8 - Santogold - Creator
9 - Kid Cudi - Day'n'nite
10 - Lloyd Robinson - Cuss cuss
11 - Benga & Coki - Night
12 - Chase & Status - Easter jam
13 - Diplo - Newsflash feat. Sandra Melody
14 - Ludacris - What's your fantasy (Art of Moments in Love reedit)
15 - 2 Live Crew - Shake a lil' somethin'
16 - Curtis Mayfield - Move on up
17 - Chinese Man - Ayoyo
18 - Mux Mool - Merlin fist (Passin' me by reedit)
19. -The Qemists - Dem na like me feat. Wiley
20 - Long time outro


Tribute to the originators


I didn't posted a mix for long now so today I'm quite proud to share this one with you. Inbeatwin is a really nice guy, a huge vinyls buyer for years so you won't be suprised to know that his mix is 100% wax-made with two MK2 at home : great records, great technique... He's one of my favourite dj, no problem.

Inbeatwin - Tribute to the originators

1 - Ruth - Polaroid roman photo

2 - Kazino - Binary

3 - Skatt Brothers - Walk the night

4 - Metro Area - Miura

5 - The coach House Rhythm Section - Timewarp

6 - Section 25 - Looking from a hilltop (Megamix)

7 - Westam - Monkey say monkey do (New beat remix)

8 - Tangoterje - Home computer

9 - Snowy Red - Euroshima (Wardance)

10 - John Rocca - I want is to be Real (Instrumental)

11 - Internationa Music System - Nonline

12 - Visage - I'm still searching

13 - Front 242 - Headhunter (V1.0)

14 - Ministry - All Day

15 - Riz Ortolani - Il corpo di linda

17 - Chas Jankel - 3,000,000 Synths



I already known Blackjoy by his album came out last year and particularly the 12" Mercurian that is a bomb but I was very pleased to hear him play in Lyon few days ago. He run a very good blog where he shares some edits that I recommend strongly two. You can check too his latest 12" in vinyl : two funky disco tracks that groove like hell (My fav is Apollo funk) ! Here is an edit he did of a track by Miss Chaka Khan... ACE !


The Emperor Machine

I don't really know why D.C. recordings is the best label on earth but it's like that ! The new LP from The Empreror Machine is coming after some great 12", especially Black ken which is propably his strongest track by now...

The Emperor Machine 'Kananana'


La verdad


We had already talk about the french label called Nacopajaz when they released the excellent album of Hurtmold, a stunning brazilian band. Today they come again with the second lp of Fedaden, half of Del Wire. I had the chance to get it and you should check it quickly... It comes with a ep of Verdad that is out now. The three mixes are good but my favourite is definitively the one by Kelpe from D.C. that i share with you.

Fedaden - Verdad (Kelpe remix)




Sun is shining, Pilooski, Andy Smith & Danton Eeprom come in town soon, got my ticket for Gilles Peterson (with Phil Asher and Ashley Beedle) @ Nuits Sonores, the new 12 of Demis Roussos is great, the first bbq start... Feel good !

Danton Eeprom -> web / facebook

Pilooski & Andy Smith -> web / facebook

One cool dub bootleg by Trentemoller to keep the spring vibe...


Italians Do it (really) Better


Mike Simonetti has just launched a very good edit on his blog. For those ignorant who don't know him, he 's the boss of Italians Do It Better, the label responsible for the great compilation After dark with Farah, Glass Candy, Chromatics, Professor Genius and so on... Thanks Mike. Enjoy !

The Jackson 5 - Express yourself (Mike Simonetti edit)




If you follow the blog you already have heard about Clarence, he shared a track with us few months ago. Now it's time for him to release an LP on Funk Noir , a small swedish label that I didn't know. It makes me think that I should do a kind of retrospective post to give some news of all the people we posted since the beginning of the blog. Hum... have to think about it. Just now, enjoy these two tracks !

Clarence - Xylophrenia

Clarence - Depth perception


For the frenchies....

So sorry for you if you don't speak french : you miss a great moment of songwritting and attitude ! This track is usually the last track of my favourite after party...


We own the sky

I'm a big fan of M83 since the beginning and particularly the album Dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts. If you don't know the three fabulous ep's with the Superpitcher, Luciano and Jackson mixes I suggest you take a look at... The story is that I didn't like the last Lp... til I watch a snowboard video that begins with a track I didn't know : We own the sky. I made some search and find that track on the last album I didn't have, damn it ! I have to listen it again for sure... The snowboard video is That's it, that's all and focuses on Travis Rice. Even if you don't practice snowboard you have to watch this one : beautiful images, great realisation and fantastic tricks. Trust me ! You have two teasers here.


Oh my god that's the funky shit part. 1


When I asked Roger B to give me some stuff for the blog I thought he'll gonna do a hip hop mix as he's a great fan of the golden era (Pete Rock, Primo and so on...). This guy is tricky ! Instead of that he did a various blend of funky breaks, old school electro and broken beat... and I like it !

Roger B - Oh my god, it's the funky shit part. 1

1 - Daryl Hall & John Oates - I can't go for that

2 - David Bowie - Let's dance

3 - Chic - Soup for one

4 - The Evasions - Wikka wrap

5 - Jazzanova feat Danny Krivit - Theme from belle et fou

6 - Crusho - Someone to love

7 - Truby Trio - Carajillo

8 - MJ vs HC - Remember the time (Roy Boogie's brukup)

9 - Rob Base & Dj E-z Rock - Get on the dance floor

10 - Inner City - Big fun

11 - Slim - It's in the mix (Chateau Flight remix)




I met Marcello in an obscure after party in Bangkok few months ago. As I'm a Bimbo, I told him : "I loooooove your stuff, you're so cute, would you make me a mix ?". Italians guys are gentlemen as you know so he did a mix... Thanks Marcello, you're the man ! I've heard you'll play in Djibouti next week, maybe we'll met again...

Marcello Giordani - Deeptroit

1 - Convextion - Untitled

2 - Robert Hood - Nightime World

3 - Dopplereffekt - Rocket scientists

4 - Octave One - I believe (Magic Juan mix)

5 - Metro Area - Detroit (Carl Craig remix 1)

6 - Christian Sol - Default (of Norway version)

7 - Bobby Konders - Massai women

8 - Octave One - Paradise (Ocitvation E.P.)

9 - Blake Baxter - When we used to play (Unreleased mix)

10 - Revelation - Synth-it (Domination dub)

11 - Scan X Wasteland - Prototype li dr finn and dr ot

12 - Fingers Inc. - Bye bye

13 - Aril Brikha - Setting sun

Marcello runs an excellent blog that you should follow, especially if you're an italo freak... -> Italo Deviance


Something for your mind


I'm very proud today to post this track of Ductile. First he's a totally anonymous til now and second he's very talented as you'll judge with this 9 minutes of pure mental madness ! This release is provided by Groom Rec.. They have one vinyl release and one digital but there is more to come with Gabardine. This guy produce a dry minimal sound that could rock on a big big sound system...
The boys from Groom are really cool and open minded so it's a pleasure to put the light on their work. Support them ! Buy this 12" or download the digital file, pure hypnotic sound, dark and wet sounds as I like in a big room.

Ductile - A niche (edit)


God wears a grey suit


During some years I was not very found of Carl Craig and some friends of mine (I won't give the names...) were very upset about that. Finally I understood, they were right : C2 is one of the greatest producers in electronic music off all times ! I've changed my mind... and played one of his track or remix in every set since ! Here is a link to watch (in HD please !) a live concert he did in october 2008 in Paris with the pianist Francesco Tristano and the orchestra called Les Siecles. Pure class ! Sit back, relax, enjoy...

The video is here.

One last thing : I've heard rumours about a new version of 69, and apparently, Tristano will be on keyboards...


Don't leave me baby


Sometimes great records are hidden in awful dusty sleeves... I found this one in a second hand shop few months ago. Never heard about this band and Discogs only know this 12"... Enjoy this 9 minutes version (the B side is a bit more instrumental but less strong according to me).

Quenzo - Break-out (re-mix version & dub instrumental remixed)